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Meet Our Team

Safari is on a mission to improve the way corporate law departments manage the complex process of responding to subpoenas and other legal requests. Meet the experienced team that has been innovating in the legal technology space for over two decades.
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Safari has diverse and talented people with startup and large company experience. Our three founders helped to start and built Serengeti Tracker, the world’s most widely used and highest rated matter management and ebilling solution for corporate law departments, and which was eventually acquired by Thomson Reuters. This experience serves us and our customers in many ways:
  • We have experience providing a secure, collaborative web-based system successfully used by tens of thousands of law firms and law departments worldwide.
  • We know how to design software that is easy to use, meets the needs of the legal profession, is reasonably priced, and grows to meet the changing legal environment.
  • Our annual renewal rate was second to none (over 99%) because of our best-in-class system, the high priority we put on customer service, and our ability to keep the system cost low enough that even the smallest law departments could afford it.
  • We are applying all that we learned to our newest creation, which provides the best way for law departments to handle subpoenas, garnishments, and other legal process.



A cloud-based system that organizes subpoenas and securely delivers responses so your law department can save time, reduce risk, and recover costs.