Safari Product Overview

Safari provides an efficient and secure online system for corporate SOP response that includes encrypted delivery of responsive materials (upon the issuer’s payment of recoverable costs.)
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One Shared Response System

A single collaborative workspace to manage all response activities, eliminating paper, emails, and spreadsheets

Security from Beginning to End

Safari ensures your data is encrypted—whether in transmission and while being stored in Microsoft Azure.

Surefire Cost Recovery

Responsive documents are available for secure online access only after processing credit card payment of costs

Online Delivery of Responsive Docs

Our secure portal eliminates photocopying, delivery time, and manual creation/sending of emails

Avoid Missed Deadlines & Penalties

Online tracking of key dates provides a single calendar overview with alerts of upcoming deadlines

Timestamping of Critical Activities

Automatic creation of audit trail of actions, reducing need for custodial depositions

Instant Visibility

Monitor each step of the response process and the delivery of responsive files

Valuable Operational Insights

Workload, cost recovery and other data exportable for customized reports/presentations


A cloud-based system that organizes subpoenas and securely delivers responses so your law department can save time, reduce risk, and recover costs.