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Subpoena Responses
Automatically Organized Securely Delivered All in One Place
Save time, reduce risk, and recover costs with a single, secure solution to manage your law department's subpoena receipt, review, and response delivery.
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A Streamlined, Cloud-based Workflow

ReceiveRECEIVE subpoena documents and data directly from your registered agent or quickly enter them manually
ReceiveORGANIZE all files and data in one place (including subject, issuer, forum, etc.) with a full audit/change history
ReceiveREVIEW responses before they go out using customizable QA checklists and/or legal review workflows
ReceiveDELIVER your response over a secure online portal with download tracking and optional cost recovery

Why Choose Safari?


Financial Managers
Recover Costs

Safari’s SecureShare™ delivery portal is the only system designed specifically for subpoena cost recovery. When a response is ready for pickup, the system notifies the issuer and payment is collected online via credit card. The documents are then available for secure download, thus enabling seamless and automatic cost recovery.


Compliance Managers
Reduce Risk

Safari helps companies reduce risks inherent in processing legal responses. Capture documents and all their associated information in one place, receive alerts of upcoming deadlines, assign who is responsible, and review all actions taken in a detailed audit history. Once the response is sent; check by whom, when and how the files were downloaded.


Subpoena Response Staff
Save Time

Safari is a holistic solution specifically designed for legal process teams. It eliminates cobbled-together systems and processes involving paper, scanning, emails, spreadsheets, and internal document repositories. From one shared system, teams can quickly find subpoenas, review status, and add information regardless of location.


Legal Ops Managers
Manage Teams

As a manager in charge of overseeing legal processing, Safari gives you the tools you need to perform quality assurance reviews, check workload trends and productivity, and escalate certain requests for legal review. Organize your department with a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution that pays for itself through cost recovery and time savings.


A cloud-based system that organizes subpoenas and securely delivers responses so your law department can save time, reduce risk, and recover costs.